Tmark City News

Hello everyone.
It appears as though the infamous rainy season has started in the Kanto region of Japan. It is said that there is no rainy season in Hokkaido however it has been raining almost every day recently! We hope the weather clears up by the time you come to visit.
In today’s blog, we would like to introduce our brand new aroma machine that we have installed in our hotel lobby.
With the concept of a ‘warm welcome defined by scent’ in mind, we have chosen a fragrance that offers a relaxing, soothing, and healing atmosphere to our valued guests. It is a scent based on green tea blended with tones of wood and sharp clean citrus. The staff would like to welcome you to come and enjoy the lobby space and hope our signature fragrance can leave a long-lasting great impression.
Because our sense of smell is directly linked to the part of the brain responsible for emotions and memories, fragrance has a vital role in how we remember certain experiences. This is known as the "Proustian Phenomenon". This phenomenon proposes that certain distinctive scents have more power than any other sense to help us recall long and distant memories. The theory was coined after the French writer Marcel Proust who writes in this novel (In search of lost time) about a character recalling distant memories from his childhood after smelling a madeleine biscuit that had been soaked in tea.
We hope everyone will be fond of the scent of T Mark City Hotel and one day be reminded of your time here from a similar fragrance. When you visit Hokkaido and Sapporo, we hope you will be able to be ‘healed’ by our fragrance and consequently make your stay even better!