Tmark City News

Good afternoon everyone!
In today’s blog we would like to introduce a local bakery that you can visit even late at night. Unlike the simple types of bread sold in Japan’s convenience stores, this bakery is unique in that is sells ‘interesting’ varieties of bread. What makes it so interesting? The name of the breads are all from famous people or creative names. For example, their Kurokku Musshu (croquet-monsieur) is sold under the name ‘Kamayatsu’. If you were around during the days of Japanese band ‘Group Sounds’ in the 1960s you should remember Kamayatsu Hiroshi also known as Musshu Kamayatsu. At a reasonable 180 yen, if you like cheese filled bakery goods, we recommend giving it a try! It’s great for a midnight snack or for breakfast the next morning.
Another tasty one is ‘Satou Youko’ which features a Kansai-styled sandwich comprised of a rolled Japanese-style omelette. There is also many other names such as ‘Sasaki Nozomi’, ‘Satomi’, ‘Seiko’, and ‘Izumi’ which have no relation to bread! While many of the names mentioned so far are Japanese girl names there are also breads named after guys. ‘Ken’ features a bread roll filled with anko (red bean paste) while ‘Yuji’ is filled with basil chicken. Furthermore ‘Kimura’ is an apple filled Kouign Aman and ‘Nakano’ is famous sweet Japanese melon bread. There is also a bread named ‘udon’ but don’t let the name fool you into thinking it contains Japanese udon noodles! It is actually a French baguette. While we would love to ask the staff why they have so many weird names, the truth is because they have over 100 types of bread they probably just named them after their regular customers and inventors!
In accordance with this, there is actually a submission form in the bakery labelled ‘will the bread you want to eat become a product sold under your own name?!’. On the form it appears as if you have to give your own bread a price, an explanation of the ingredients and an image. While we can’t fully introduce the many types of bread sold in the bakery please go have a look and taste for yourself!