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Breakfast Menu July and August

Hello everyone,

This time we are going to be introducing our seasonal menu that you can only eat in July and August. First is our chicken and burdock root rice. This takikomi gohan is a Japanese rice dish in which short-grain rice is cooked with burdock root vegetable and chicken. This simple but flavorful dish is the pride of our head chef.

Next we have a well-loved dish by the people of Hokkaido, soup curry. Within the silky smooth soup, many spices and numerous chunky vegetables are combined together. Eating soup curry with a bowl of hot white rice or even with bread tastes great and will lift your spirits in the morning ready for the day ahead!

And finally, we are serving imo mochi, a Japanese style potato cake made from steamed Hokkaido potatoes. The name comes from the Japanese words imo, which means potato and mochi, which means rice cake. Japanese mochi is traditionally made with a big wooden mallet (called ki-ne) striking the rice many types to produce a smooth paste. Our imo mochi uses mashed potatoes that are prepared in a way to resemble the mochi texture. Grilled until crisp and golden brown, they are topped with specially prepared soy sauce. This great combination of crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside tastes absolutely amazing! Be careful though, they can be addicting!

Please try our popular delicious menu in July and August!