Tmark City News

Hello everyone!
Although I would like to say that Hokkaido has finally become warm as we have entered March, the temperature is still subzero on some days so please continue to take care!
We hope spring comes soon and that the temperature starts to rise!
With that being said, this time we will introduce breakfast recommended menu for March and April.
Miso soup with pork and vegetables
This tasty dish will warm your body temperature because of the ginger that is in the soup. It is perfect during the change from winter to spring when the cold still remains. A lot of vegetables and nutrition are included and it is delicious!
Salmon and mushroom cooked rice
This is also a very popular dish in our cooked rice series! This time we are offering a collaboration between cooked salmon and mushrooms! It features cooked rice with plenty of salmon taste.
Deep fried chicken from Hokkaido "Zangi" arranged in T-Mark City Hotel style, renamed "Zangiskan". Please do not miss the chance to taste this delicious deep fried chicken.
Our hotel breakfast restaurant "Polaris" is open from the morning at 6 o'clock. You can eat even if you are departing early so please enjoy our popular recommended menu by all means!