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It has finally become spring in Hokkaido!
It’s almost the season to view the famous Japanese cherry blossoms!
The best time to see the cherry blossoms bloom is from the end of April until mid May.
From the time we started writing blogs, we have extensively talked about Sapporo; but there are also many guests at our hotel who would like to visit Hakodate. Therefore, in today’s blog we would like to introduce Hakodate. However, because Hakodate is far from Sapporo make sure you have enough time to visit!
JR: 3hrs 45mins 8,830 JPY
Expressway: 4hrs 20mins (310km)
Public highway: 5hrs 30mins (250km)
Airplane: 40mins
After you arrive in Hakodate, you should definitely check out the ‘Lucky Pierrot Hamburger’ shop which is famous around the area. We recommend trying their Chinese chicken burger. The shop is just a 5 minute walk from Hakodate Station.
After walking about 20 minutes from Lucky Pierrot to the Motomachi area, you can see old churches and Japanese western style buildings lined up along the street. How about trying on a rental dress for 1000 JPY at the city hall?
The nearby slope Hachimanzaka is a beautiful place of the scenery that is used in many Japanese dramas, movies, commercials, etc. So don’t forget to take a photo! The long straight slope extends to the sea and the sky and its total length is 270 meters! After walking down the slope, jump on the streetcar and ride to Goryokaku Park Station and walk about 10 minutes to Goryokaku Park.
This park is the most famous cherry blossom spot in Hokkaido! The 107 meter tall tower in the center of the park offers beautiful views of the cherry blossoms in the star-shaped ‘Fort Goryokaku’ below for just 900 JPY. Within the park you should do what the locals do and try eating lamb barbeque beneath the cherry blossoms!
When it becomes night Mount Hakodate offers great views of the city. Mount Hakodate is a huge 334 meter high mountain at the end of the peninsula on which Hakodate is located. On a clear night the view from the mountain is fantastic and therefore, is included among Japan’s three greatest night views! The ropeway up the mountain costs 1280 yen for a round trip and operates every 15 minutes between 10:00 to 22:00 (until 21:00 from mid October to late April).
Hakodate is also famous for its fresh sea food given the city’s proximity to the ocean which surrounds it. The morning market near Hakodate Station, serves delicious fresh seafood, fruits and vegetables from about 250 stores! They open in the early morning, we highly recommend eating a delicious breakfast at a restaurant there!
Please enjoy a great time in Hakodate!