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Hokkaido Government Building

Most of the buildings in Sapporo are very new and reflect the innovative side of Japan. However, there is one building that has been attracting visitors since the Meiji Period: The Former Hokkaido Government Office Building.

Also referred to as the Red Brick Building, the former government headquarters of Hokkaido has been transformed into a museum displaying Ainu artifacts from the Meiji period. The office building was used for approximately 80 years until a new government office was built (currently in use today). Constructed in 1888, the building features architecture from the Meiji Period. The building and exhibits about the history of Hokkaido are open to the public. We recommend asking the knowledgeable staff for explanations about the building to really appreciate its rich history.

Beautiful rows of trees line the roads leading towards the government office building which turn a beautiful golden yellow in the autumn. If you are looking to take some great photographs of the government building you should head over the street to Akarenga Terrace. If you visit the 5th floor observation gallery here you can enjoy perfect views of the government building and trees from above.

Former Hokkaido Government Office Building (Red Brick Building)
Address: Hokkaido, Sapporo, Chuo, Kita 3-jo Nishi 6-chome
Hours: 8:45-18:00
Closed: New Year's holidays
Information in Other Languages: English, Chinese (Simplified/Traditional), Korean, Thai
Nearest Station: JR Sapporo Station
Access: 8-minute walk from west exit of JR Sapporo Station, or 4-minute walk from Exit 10 of Sapporo Station (Namboku and Toho subway lines)
Entry Fee: Free
Phone: 011-204-5019