Tmark City News

Laundry Service

Hello everyone!


This time we would like to introduce our hotel laundry service.

In order to make our valued guest’s stay with us as comfortable as possible, we operate a laundry service at the hotel (apart from Sundays and public holidays).


If you bring down your laundry to the front desk before 9:30 we will have your clothes clean by 18:30 on the same day. Thereafter, whenever you are ready to collect your clean clothes we can hand them to you. Inside the room’s desk draw we have prepared a laundry slip and bag so please put your clothes in the bag and bring to the front desk.


This is a great service for those who are busy traveling and do not have time for laundry so please use it next time you stay with us!


Please note that this service is only available to guests that are staying for more than one night.