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Hello everyone!
It is finally early spring in Sapporo and the snow has begun melting at a rapid pace. It seems that the long winter is finally over. The end of the harsh, long, cold winter signals the start of the holiday and tourism season! Today we would like to introduce a location in Sapporo where a locally made movie was set! Hopefully those planning a trip to Sapporo can create some holiday memories on their way to the location mentioned in this blog.
Recently, a movie called ‘A Banana? At This Time of Night?’ which stars actor ‘Ohizumi You’ from Hokkaido, has been the topic of discussion. The setting of the movie is in Sapporo. As a citizen of Sapporo, while the movie itself was interesting, it was also enjoyable looking for places that were familiar to me while watching each scene.
One of the settings included in the movie, is Miyata Coffee Shop, located just outside central Sapporo, in the Toyohira Ward. It is a thick building made of stone brick and inside there is a quiet, cozy coffee shop with a high ceiling where you can spend time relaxing alone or with friends. There are plenty varieties of home-roasted coffee beans to choose from and their hand-made sandwiches are also delicious. You should definitely visit if you are in the local area!
Whether you’ve seen the movie or not, we hope you’ll drop by during the tourism season and make some great memories.