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The temperature in Sapporo has finally risen to comfortable levels! With that being said, it is still chilly in the mornings and evenings so don’t forget to wear a jacket! In this blog we would like to introduce a classic Sapporo sightseeing spot: Mt Moiwa. It is currently ranked number two of three (Nagasaki is number 1 and Kobe is number 3) for the most beautiful nightscapes in Japan. While the views from the top are fantastic, as of writing this blog the cable cars that go up and down the mountain are currently not in service following an incident that happened on the 24th August 2019. However, you can still see the beautiful scenery without using the cable cars! There are three ways to go about this.
1. Drive your car up the mountain via the Mt. Moiwa sightseeing expressway from the base to the middle, and then ride from the middle to the summit on the mini-cable ‘Morris Car’ (still operating).
2. Do the same as method one but using a taxi if you don’t have a car.
3. Take the free shuttle bus service from Moiwayama Sanroku Station and then ride the Morris Car to the summit.
Admission fees are as follows:
Morris Car return ticket from the middle of the mountain to the peak is 600JPY for adults and 150JPY for children.
A toll of the Moiwayama Sightseeing Road fare is 660JPY for ordinary vehicles and 320JPY for two-wheeled vehicles. The fee is 1340 JPY for micro buses and 2000JPY for big buses. The road closes at 21:30.
Directions from Tmark City Hotel Sapporo are as follows:
Walk 5 minutes to ‘Higashi Honganji Mae’ and the ride the outer loop to ‘Ropeway Iriguchi’. From there take the free shuttle bus to the base of the mountain.
If you are a resident of Sapporo you can actually ride the Morris Car for 50% off so please give it a try! We recommend going on a weekday when it’s not busy!