Tmark City News

Hello everyone.
The summer is finally coming to an end in Sapporo and the surroundings are slowly becoming more autumn-like. With that in mind, today we would like to introduce to you a park that is within walking distance of our hotel, Nakajima Park. It is a great spot to see the beautiful autumn foliage.
The park is located just south of the centre of Sapporo and has more than 40 kinds of trees. Mid-October is a great time to see the colorful autumn leaves. Around the end of the month, the leaves begin to fall and make beautiful trails beneath your feet like carpets. You can also enjoy other features of the park such as:
1) Ayame Pond
This pond is in the centre of Nakajima Park and there is a well-organized path that leads around its perimeter so that you can take a leisurely stroll. There is also a rent-a-boat service* so that you can view the beautiful autumn leaves while rowing around the pond, it’s great for a romantic date or if you are with family!
2) Japanese Gardens
There is also a Japanese garden located in the eastern section of the park. The garden is wonderful to walk around and toward its main gate there is a traditional Japanese tea ceremony room. While it is unfortunate that you cannot go inside of the room you can view it from the outside. If you continue walking past the team ceremony room you will find a small pavilion where you can sit down and relax while enjoying the view.
We hope you can find time and enjoy the autumn scenery before it quickly changes to the cold Hokkaido winter!
To reach the park from the hotel walk out the front entrance, turn left and then right at the second traffic lights. Then walk straight for 5 minutes.