Tmark City News

Newly Opened Restaurant

This time we’d like to introduce the renewal to our restaurant called POLARIS.

We have placed a huge blackboard up onto one of the restaurant walls. Upon the map we have written the names of the cities and villages around Hokkaido as well as the fresh produce that was grown there and is being used in the restaurant.

We currently change the menu every 2 months to use the best in-season produce as well as creating our own delicious original menu. As for July and August we are serving famous Sapporo soup curry (a curry based soup with plenty of vegetables), Ika meshi (sticky rice served with squid). In September and October, we will introduce seasonal pike fish, kinoko no takikomi gohan (sticky rice served with mushrooms).

Also, we have a new range of buffet dishes to serve our freshly prepared breakfast. The dishes are made by a French company called LE CREUSET and are very pop-looking. In the morning the beautifully lit restaurant makes the many colours of the dishes bloom. These dishes are great at keeping the food warm as they use thermal insulation so you can enjoy your food piping hot!

You can also enjoy hot drinks such as Café Latte, Café Mocha, and hot chocolate from our newly installed coffee machine.

Please enjoy the new restaurant renewal when you stay with us and be sure to check out the large map of Hokkaido, you can’t miss it!

Business hours: 6:30~9:30 (June to September)
Location: West Building 2f Restaurant POLARIS
Price: 1,200 Per Person