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Nijo Market

Autumn has come, the season for eating delicious food!
This time we will be introducing a famous fish market called Nijo Market, located right in the middle of town! Nijo Market is believed to have being built in the early Meiji Period when local fishermen from Ishikari Bay began to sell fish there.
100 years later, the market continues to serve the local residents and is very popular among tourists who come to Hokkaido and buy souvenirs such as Hokkaido crab.
One can also enjoy freshly prepared sashimi and sushi that make use of the freshly caught seafood arriving from all over Hokkaido in the early morning.

Nijo Market is a 15 minute walk from Tmark City Hotel, located next to Tanukikoji Shopping Arcade 1 Chome. Shops open from 07:00~18:00 and the restaurants are open from 06:00~21:00 every day.