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We hope you all had a pleasant and enjoyable New Year's holiday.
Most people will start working again this week. We want to do our best welcoming all our valued guests with a big smile!
For us Japanese, rice is a very familiar thing and we eat it on a daily basis. In Japan, rice is a must. It is known that rice was first harvested at least 3,000 years ago! The most famous brand of rice in Japan is called ‘Koshihikari’ made in Niigata Prefecture, but there is also a variety of rice made in Hokkaido, too. Hokkaido rice has been rising in popularity in recent years and tastes delicious! In today’s blog, we would like to introduce the main types of Hokkaido-made rice.
First of all, there is a highly praise brand called ‘Yume Purika’ which is advertised by Matsuko Deluxe (famous Japanese TV personality). This type of rice has been served in first class Japanese restaurants and even aboard airplanes. It has received great reviews from critics which has in turn, given it the prestigious ranking of grade A. It is characterized by its moderate sweetness and softness, making it mild and delicious.
‘Nana-tsuboshi’ is the most popular type of rice made in Hokkaido at the moment.
It is a cross-fertilization of a sticky rice called Kokuho Rose; the balance of gloss, stickiness and sweetness is great! This rice is perfect for boxed lunches and sushi because you can enjoy the rice even after it’s been cooled.
Another brand of Hokkaido rice is called ‘Fukkurinko’ and was created with the intention of local people thinking it tastes good. It looks and feels puffy and is sweet and slightly sticky. The rice is used in Japanese-style cooking and many professional chiefs make use of it in their dishes.
Debuting before the Japanese Heisei period (pre-1988), ‘Kirara397’ gave everybody nationwide, the opportunity to taste and learn about Hokkaido rice. It has a very firm texture and a slight sweet chew. This rice is perfect for fried foods such as pilaf and fried rice!
Known as the successor to ‘Kirara397’, ‘Hoshi no Yume’ is recommended for those who like a simple taste with a fluffy and soft texture, It’s a rice that goes well with any type of dish. The name comes from the desire to make the dreams of those who eat the rice, come true!
Finally, we would like to introduce to you ‘Oborozuki’. It has a subtle sweetness and flavour that is comparable to Niigata Prefecture’s ‘Koshihikari’ rice. You can enjoy the stickiness of the rice without the feeling that it is too glutinous. Also, the rice does not get hard if left out, even when it gets cold. However, because it is hard to produce and therefore has a low production volume, it rarely appears in stores outside of Hokkaido.
We hope you could learn something about Hokkaido rice in today’s blog. By the way, at restaurant Polaris in our hotel, we use Nana-tsuboshi harvested locally from Rankoshicho (one hour drive from Sapporo). Please try Hokkaido rice if you have a chance. Even if you already eat Hokkaido rice, why not try other brands and compare them? For sure you will discover a great new taste!