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Hello everyone.
Today we would like to introduce Sapporo Autumn Fest!
This festival showcases the richness and diversity of food production around Hokkaido, including Sapporo. Hokkaido’s four distinct seasons of the year is essential to all kinds of crops to grow and be harvested. The eight sites along Odori Park bring to you, many different varieties of Hokkaido-produced foods. Although eating and drinking is the highlight, it is also a great learning experience!
1-chome site Sapporo Oktoberfest
‘Oktoberfest’, the world’s largest beer festival held in Munich, Germany, is reproduced here.
4-chome site Sapporo Welcome Park
The entrance for Autumn Fest is full of Hokkaido’s charms. This year, the food court has an unprecedented variety of shops!
5-chome site Hokkaido Ramen Festival
Selling unique ramen that was made using Hokkaido wheat noodles and locally-produced ingredients.
6-chome site Aozora x Hoshizora Harvest Festival
This food area has a variety of Japanese food, Western food, ethnic food etc. Also, popular local food such as soup curry will be available.
7-chome site Bar Area
This area offers appetizers using Hokkaido grown ingredients that pair well with alcohol such as Hokkaido wine.
8-chome site Sapporo Odori Furusato Market
Local cuisines from around Hokkaido are available at the 8–chome site.
10-chome site Meat Jyu Chome
In addition to beef, pork, chicken, and lamb, wild game venison is served. There are also plenty of live performances in this area.
11-chome site World Food Park/THE Sapporo Autumn Fest
Please enjoy a taste of the world through the authentic tastes and talents of every country’s chefs!
Event Period: 6th September ~ 29th September
Time: 10:00 ~ 20:30 (Last order 20:00)
The park can be reached from our hotel by walking north for 15 minutes.