Tmark City News

Hello everyone. Spring has finally come to Sapporo and the season for heading out and having fun has begun!
People visiting Sapporo for sightseeing can enjoy a wealth of reading material from the wide variety of guide books available. However, today we would like to introduce ‘Hokkai Douou Danshi Kyuujitsu’ which roughly translates in English to ‘Hokkaido Men’s Holidays’. This book offers a slightly different outlook from your everyday standard Hokkaido guide book.
The book was created when 3 Taiwanese travelers visited Sapporo and took plenty of photographs around the city throughout their stay. They then took the photos and combined them into a big collaborative volume. One could probably say the books’ contents are closer to a travel report than a guidebook.
By making delicious breakfasts, jogging, going around old book shops visiting cafés, the book offers a unique insight as to what Sapporo offers. To people already living in the city, the same things are seen throughout everyday life. However, the book offers a fresh perspective from foreigners that visit Sapporo and therefore it is really interesting even to those who have lived here there entire life.
The book is also a great on a photographic level too. Most of the photos were taken with film cameras such as Pentax and therefore have a nostalgic vintage feel to them. The dim lighting and slightly out of focus feel of the photographs picture Sapporo in a way that is almost like a dream.
If you’re visiting Sapporo for vacation or you are a resident of the city, please give this book a look! You will most definitely find something appealing. Although the whole book is written in Chinese, you can appreciate the quality photography included.