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Hello everyone!
So a few posts back we wrote about enjoying beer and Genghis Khan Barbeque; in today’s post, we would like to extend our recommendations to the ‘Sapporo Summer Festival’! Let’s forget about the short Hokkaido summer and enjoy the festival! The festival began in 1954 and at that time the main event was held in Nakajima Park. Nowadays the festival is held in Odori Park and has a really nostalgic feel to it.
In 2019, the festival is celebrating its 66th anniversary. As mentioned before, the event is mainly held in Odori Park in the centre of the city, and you can enjoy the refreshing summer breeze while relaxing in the beer garden and enjoying traditional Japanese dancing by the event’s participants. There are roughly 13,000 seats available in the beer garden, the largest in Japan. There is some great tasting food stalls to choose from too, so please try some Japanese goodies along with the cold beer. It is worth mention that while the beer garden is strictly non-smoking, there are many smoking areas dotted around the park.
In addition, as part of the Sapporo Summer Festival, the ‘Hokkai Bonodori’ (traditional Japanese dance) while be held from August 10th to the 16th. The dance originated from Hokkaido in 1954 and these days more and more overseas tourists are coming to Japan, making the dance more widely known internationally. It consists of two parts: a child part and an adult part, so you can enjoy it regardless of your age. After the child’s part the organizers often hand out small presents to those who took part. Every year, participants in unique costumes parade around the park on the festival’s final day. The festival is a great way to make some amazing memories of your time in Japan so please feel free to join in the festivities!
Odori Beet Garden
Event schedule: 19th July to 14th August
Event time: 12:00~21:00
Event location: Odori Park
Website: (Japanese)
Children’s dance
10th August to 16th August 18:00~19:00
There is also a lottery and the winner can experience playing Japanese drums on a float. Entry for the lottery takes place at 17:30~18:00
Adult dance
10th August to 11th August 19:00~20:00
12th August to 15th August 19:00~21:00
16th August 19:00~20:20
If you have any questions concerning the festival you can contact the organizer committee at 011-281-6400 or send an email to