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Everybody, what do you eat after a social gathering with your work colleagues? Do you end the night with a bowl of ramen before going home? Miso ramen is famous in Sapporo but recently Parfait is becoming popular. It is said that by cooling down your body after a night of heavy drinking and eating can help relieve the next morning hangover!
There are plenty of foods you should try when coming to Sapporo such as Genghis Khan lamb barbeque and soup curry. However, the tradition of using freshly produced Hokkaido milk ice cream and other seasonal ingredients has led to the opening of the Sapporo Parfait Promotion Committee in 2015 to enable people to understand the food culture of Sapporo.
After the launch of this committee in 2015, the number of parfait franchisees has increased to 24. Some of these places serve liquors and other savory foods so if you still do not want to end the night with parfait you can continue drinking to your hearts content!
Please enjoy parfait when coming to Sapporo!
Sapporo Parfait Promotion Committee shop list: