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Sushi in Sappooro

Eating sushi should be on top of everybody’s list of things to do while visiting Japan. This is especially true for Sapporo where the local sushi is extremely fresh due to its location in the center of three oceans, the Pacific Ocean, the Okhotsk Sea, and the Sea of Japan. Freshly caught seafood is brought into the city center every day to be prepared by sushi chefs and eaten by their customers. While Tokyo’s sushi is often preserved with soy sauce or vinegar, the style of sushi that Hokkaido offers has a fantastic freshly-caught-from-the-sea taste.

If you’re looking to enjoy sushi with friends or family in a large group, we recommend you visit a conveyor belt sushi restaurant (in Japanese this is called Kaiten zushi 回転寿司). You can select the sushi you want to eat straight from a conveyor belt that circles the restaurant. These conveyor belt sushi restaurants offer extremely fresh sushi made to order right in front of you. For a more private experience you can visit a traditional sushi restaurant to enjoy the art of master sushi chefs preparing each sushi piece by hand.

While eating sushi prepared by master sushi chefs, it is great to be able to show your appreciation not just by words but by proper etiquette. Therefore, we’ve listed below four important tips to remember while eating sushi!

1. Try not to add extra seasoning if the sushi is seasoned already.
2. Dip the fish part on top of the rice, into the soy sauce using chopsticks.
3. Eat the sushi in one bite if you can.
4. A slice of ginger in between bites is great to cleanse the palette.

Now that you know some basic methods for eating sushi, feel free to visit our recommended sushi restaurants:

Hanamaru Kaiten zushi (回転寿司はなまる) \\\ 2,000~2,999JPY

This is our absolute number one recommendation for conveyor belt style sushi. It is very popular and has great reviews. The sushi is delicious and the price is reasonable. We highly recommend trying the seared fatty salmon as well as the seared fluke fin, they turn to butter in your mouth and have a fantastic smoky aroma and flavor!
Hanamaru is located in Sapporo Station on the 6th floor of a building called Stellar Place.
Its opening hours are 7 days a week from 11:00~23:00.

Sakana-Isshin (魚一心) \\\ 2,000~2,999JPY

Out of the three listed above, Sakana-Isshin is the closest sushi restaurant to our hotel. Prices here are very affordable and the sushi is made for you on the spot when you give the chef your order. They open from 10am so it’s a perfect place for eating lunch. We recommend you order the Botan Ebi (ボタンエビ) which means shrimp. Sakana-Isshin can be found inside the Lafiler department store building just outside Susukino Station. It is open 7 days a week from 10:00 to 21:00.

Kin Zushi (金 寿司) \\\\\ 7,000~9,999JPY

We recommend Kin Zushi restaurant if you are looking for a more authentic sushi experience. The texture and seasoning of the rice used in this establishment is perfect and the fresh ingredients used require little to no sauce or extra wasabi. The staff are very accommodating and the price is reasonable (more expensive than conveyor belt sushi). Kin Zushi is located next to Sapporo Factory (3minutes walk), the address is Sapporo, Chuo-Ku, 7 Kita, 2-Jo Higashi. It’s opening hours are from 11:30~21:20 and on Sunday the shop is closed.

Make your trip to Sapporo memorable by eating arguably the freshest and most delicious sushi in all of Japan!