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The City’s Winter Scenery – Nakajima Park

Did you know that such beautiful scenery can be seen in Sapporo, one of the 5 major cities in Japan?

Nakajima Park for example, is situated just 10 minutes on foot from our hotel and when it becomes winter, the park is covered in beautiful white snow which will make you forget the coldness. Different from the lively summer months, there is a relaxing atmosphere which is uplifting and relieves tiredness caused by the daily routine. In this blog, we would like to talk about the fun ways to spend winter in Nakajima Park!

First, Nakajima Park’s specialty: cross-country skiing

Great for beginners or first time skiers, you can try this anytime throughout the winter! From children to adults, regardless of age, this is an activity everybody can enjoy. If the thought of going to a proper ski slope is a little intimidating, you should definitely try Nakajima Park first so that you can get a feel for skiing and gradually get used to it. The course leads around the 1km circumference of the park and offers free equipment from park gymnasium for late January to late March 10am to 4pm. There may be days when the course is closed due to heavy snow so please be sure to check in advance!

Another way to enjoy Nakajima Park in the winter is the ‘Yukiakari in Nakajima Koen’ light-up illumination. From the beginning of February throughout the Sapporo Snow Festival, the park is covered with beautiful lit up snow candles from 4:30pm to 8pm. The calming gentle orange light looks beautiful when contrast with the wintery scenery. Towards the entrance of the park you can find a mini snow slide and snow huts so that families can play in the snow together. This can also be a great place for a date as there is definitely a romantic atmosphere!

Please enjoy winter time in Nakajima Park!