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The Sapporo Autumn Fest

As we enter September, autumn has finally come.
Speaking of autumn, the Japanese call it the season of appetite!
In this blog we will be introducing the Sapporo Autumn Fest.

The event features a range of shops coming together to serve delicious food such as Japanese grilled mutton, soup curry, and ramen.

Our number one recommendation is the limited edition (9/9~9/19) ‘Betsukai Jumbo Scallop Burger’. This burger contains a variety of tasty ingredients from Hokkaido’s far eastern town of Betsukai. Included is a jumbo scallop wrapped in the fried skin of a spring roll, lettuce, onion, mozzarella cheese slices all sandwiched between two fresh burger buns.

As for beer, there are a variety of craft beers being served from all over Hokkaido which cannot be bought in Sapporo.

Every year, over 2 million people visit the autumn fest to enjoy and experience the taste of Hokkaido food! As well as eating outside the food stalls you are also encouraged to walk around the event while you eat!

We really recommend this event!

9th September 2016 ~ 1st October
10:00~20:30 (last order 20:00)
For more information about the event click the link below: