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Toyohira River

It is during the autumn that salmon once again return to Toyohira River, which runs through the city of Sapporo, to lay their spawns. It is extraordinary to see the return of wild salmon in a big city such as Sapporo. From early October until late November, these salmon can be viewed from the bridges and river banks of Toyohira River, close to our hotel.

Many years ago in the 1950s, salmon almost went extinct in Toyohira River because of construction and water pollution. However the 1970s saw a restore in the water quality and today it is estimated the number of salmon in Toyohira River to be around 1500 fish. Around 70% of those spawning in the river are wild salmon born through natural reproduction.

The width of the river allows the salmon to spawn in a variety of locations. There are three bridges that in particular are likely to offer a great view of the salmon, Toyohira Bridge, Mizuho Ohashi Bridge, and Higashi Bridge. The closest of these three bridges to our hotel is Toyohira Bridge which is approximately 10 minutes by foot, making it a great spot for a quick side trip during your Sapporo visit!