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The short summer has finally come to Hokkaido and we have entered the peak season for travelling. Hokkaido is always a great destination not just for Japanese people but also travelers from all over the world. The main reason for the influx of tourism recently is in large, due to the abundance of delicious food. With that in mind, today we would like to introduce a brand of instant noodles that is only available in Hokkaido: yakisoba bento.
Maruchan’s ‘yakisoba bento’ is an instant yakisoba noodle product also known as ‘yakiben’. The Chinese soup powder that is included inside the bento package is arguably the best part of the product. It has been loved by the people of Hokkaido since its release in 1976.
It is easy to make. Let’s go through the instructions together!
1. Open the dried vegetable and put them on the noodles.
2. Put the soup powder package in your cup.
3. Pour in boiled water until it reaches the line inside.
4. Wait for 3 minutes
5. Use the excess water for your soup and drain the rest.
There are many kinds of yakisoba bento: the standard version, tarako (cod roe) and butter flavor, spicy, okonomiyaki (Osaka/Hiroshima style savory pancakes), as well as a few others.
You can only buy yakisoba bento in Hokkaido, so it makes a great souvenir. You can find it at a reasonable price in the supermarket or convenience store. If you forget to buy it, you can also always find it at New-Chitose Airport. When you visit to Hokkaido, please give it a try!