Tmark City News

Hello everyone!
The weather in Hokkaido continues to be colder than usual, so please continue to wrap up warm when you visit.
Today we would like to introduce to you, a stylish yakitori bar near our hotel. The bar is called YAKITORI&WINE BARSAMICO.
The interior is really stylish and impressive! The space has been decorated by a world-class designer with the theme of wine barrels and red wine. From the moment you enter the bar you will be impressed by its stylish appearance.
Not only is the interior stylish, but there are many delicious dishes! As well as the Japanese classic dish yakitori, there also slightly unusual food items such as chicken liver so please don’t hesitate to try something new! They also serve great steaks and other meats along with many fancy types of wine. While the restaurant is great for small groups they also have seats up at the bar so don’t worry if you want to dine alone!
Situated just 3 minutes from our hotel, please visit if you have the chance!
Hokkaido, Sapporo City, Chuo-Ku, Minami 5 Jo, 4 Chome, Kotobuki Building 1F
Monday~Thursday, Sunday, Public Holidays 17:00~01:00
Friday, Saturday 17:00~03:00