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Hello everyone!
This time, I would like to introduce you to the 10 most popular souvenirs in Hokkaido. All of them are available at Shin Chitose Airport, so why don't you pick a few things up when you visit?
Furano Yukidoke Cheese Cake by Kashitukasa Shinya
Currently being sold at Sky Shop Ogasawara in the domestic terminal building 2F. This fluffy snowflake cheesecake has a refreshing taste even though it is thick. The secret is the exquisite harmony of a four-layer structure, a rich but surprisingly easy-to-eat baked rare cheesecake.
Hokkaido Premium Potato Jyaga Pokkuru by Potato Farm
Domestic terminal building 2 FBLUUE SKY GL-14.
The makers of this product carefully select potatoes from Hokkaido that are suitable for the production process. The whole cut is made with the skin to leave more flavor intact. The unique potato production method produces crispy texture and the original taste of Hokkaido potatoes. The salt of Sea of Okhotsk brings out the inherent Hokkaido flavor, it is made from the waters of Lake Saroma, simmering the seawater in a pot into a mild salt.
Double Fromage Cheese Cake by LeTAO
Domestic terminal building 2F. A mouthful of this unique cheesecake will melt like snow in your mouth; a soft, milky taste that spreads immediately, and has a refined sweetness. The contrast between a rare cheese cake and a solid-body baked cheese cake is highlighted here. Enjoy the taste of pure happiness.
Shiroi Baum Tsumugi by Ishiya Seika
Departure Lobby Gate 14. This German styled Baum cake will make the consumer remember their memories in Hokkaido. It’s the perfect gift to give to those you cherish such as family, partners, and close friends.
Shiroi Black Thunder by Yuraku Seika
Domestic terminal building 2 FBLUUE SKY GL-14. This is a white chocolate version of the very popular black thunder. While black thunder is sold nationwide, its white thunder counterpart is limited to Hokkaido! It has a crunchy chocolate cookie inside coated with milk-based white chocolate on the outside balancing its crispy texture.
Chocolatier Masaru
Domestic terminal building 2F. In addition to the craftsmen's handmade products and their particular focus on using good quality ingredients, they are also particular about the gorgeous design and appearance. Chocolate that equally impresses the giver and receiver.
Potato Chip Chocolate by Royce
Domestic terminal building 2F. These are delicious because of the perfect balance between sweetness and saltiness. The combination of potato chips and chocolate might throw some people off, but unexpectedly its taste is a big hit. One side of the potato chip has been left uncovered and the other side is coated in smooth delicious chocolate. Please enjoy the harmony of the sweetness of chocolate and the saltiness of potato chips!
Omocheese by Warakudo
Domestic terminal building 2F. This strange confection is essentially a cheesecake with a mochi (pounded rice cake) texture. This cheesecake is unlike any you’ve eaten before. The company President came up with this delicious treat after deciding to create a uniquely Japanese-style cheesecake because Japanese people love the texture of mochi. It’s made with Hokkaido cream cheese and fresh cream and comes in three different flavours: plain, chocolate, and strawberry. It’s actually extremely fun to eat because it’s very stretchy!
Marusei Butter Sandwich by Rokkatei
Domestic terminal building 2F. This is a long-selling biscuit product made from the company’s own flour. It features a combination of white chocolate, raisins, and 100% Hokkaido butter. In traditional Rokkatei style, for the most part the biscuits are hand-made which the exception of minor machine use for insignificant processes. The nostalgic style packaging shows respect towards Benzo Yoda, who was a Hokkaido pioneer.
Shiroi Koibito by Ishiya Seika
These cookies have a light and delicate texture but they don’t crumble easily. They are golden brown and sandwiched with just the right amount of Hokkaido made white chocolate. The cookie to chocolate ratio is perfect, truly a perfect balance. The dough is made by mixing the same amount of sugar and butter which has been softened at room temperature before being baked in the oven. These cookies have been loved by Hokkaido locals and visitors for over 40 years.
We hope you can find a great souvenir when you visit Hokkaido. It’s also worth checking out the convenience stores as they also sell many Hokkaido limited edition goods such as Yakisoba Bento and Hokkaido Classic Beer. Please try the best of what Hokkaido has to offer!