Tmark City News

Hello everyone.
It seemed that this year the cherry blossoms in Sapporo quickly fully bloomed just as everyone thought they were beginning to open. During the first half of Golden Week the weather was clear and there were many good days for cherry blossom viewing, how was it for everyone? Even if you missed it, sakura is not the only flower that blooms in Sapporo during the spring season. Throughout Odori Park, magnolia are also in bloom now and can be seen in plenty.
As well as magnolia, the official tree of Sapporo City, Lilac has started to bloom. Lilac is a deciduous tree born in Europe, the name of Lilac is English name which has roots from the French name Lila. By the way, the Japanese name seems to be Murasaki Hashidoi.
Lilac has a very strong cold tolerance, long flower season and is often found in cold areas such as Hokkaido. Walking along the Sapporo streets you can often see many Lilac trees that have been planted.
A lot of the flowers are spiked at the tip of the branch, there is deep fragrance, and many gentle soothing flower colours such as purple, white and pink. It such a good season to walk around Odori Park.
The festival also signifies the end of colder months and arrival of early summer to Sapporo, an event that Sapporo citizens eagerly look forward to all winter. The lilac festival is held from 5/16 to 5/27 at 5 · 6 · 7 Chome of Odori Park. It seems that there are a lot of events that you can attend such as a consultation section on how to raise Lilac and a portrait corner with coloring pencils and watercolors.
Even if you walk from the hotel you can go to Odori Park in about 10 minutes.
Please come and visit the lilac festival of Odori Park!