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Sapporo Soup Curry
If you ever visit Sapporo for just one day and only have time to eat one meal, although miso ramen, crab, and lamb barbeque are all appealing, I recommend trying soup curry!
This dish originated in restaurants and cafes which serve standard Japanese curry rice. The introduction of the first soup curry came in 1970 when a Sapporo restaurant called Ajanta first served it. The dish soon gained in popularity, became a local specialty and in the early 2000s the soup curry sensation exploded with restaurants and opening in many major Japanese cities. Even so, Hokkaido is definitely the best place to enjoy this dish due to its rich source of fresh ingredients. It is very popular in Sapporo and there are many establishments in and around the city; everyone has different opinions on which restaurant is the best.
One reason as to why people enjoy soup curry is because every restaurants offers a different atmosphere and has its own unique theme. As well as this, the menus often include a variety of different home-made soups unique to each establishment. The menu can often seem very overwhelming to new visitors due to the amount of customization. Here are some tips on how to order soup curry:
1. Choose your soup (there is usually an original soup, which we recommended for first time customers)
2. Choose your dish
3. Choose the level of spice (you usually have to pay extra for extremely hot spice level)
4. Choose extra toppings (this is of course optional)
5. Choose rice size (some establishments offer free big sized rice based on time of day)
6. Enjoy!
We have been to many soup curry restaurants over the years; here are a few suggestions to get you started:
Suage Soup Curry
This famous establishment is always very high on the TripAdvisor rankings and for good reason, it is delicious! The interior design is a little different from the standard underground hippy style of other restaurants, it has a wine bar feel to it and is dimly lit. While the soup tastes great, the hero of the bowl, is undoubtedly the fresh, delicious, local Hokkaido vegetables. Portions are substantial and it is great value for money. The even offer free large sized rice at lunch time from 12:00 to 15:00 (we recommend asking them to top the rice with sliced cheese!).
Address: South 4, West 5 Toshimatsu building
Telephone: 011-233-2911
Opens 11:30 – 22:30
Soup Curry King
The main branch of this restaurant is located in Hiragishi but in 2018 a new branch was opened in central Sapporo. The flavor of the soup is less tomato based than other establishments which is evident in its yellow color; it offers a rich creamy spicy taste. The lightly charred broccoli, the melt-in-your mouth pork, the chicken legs all contribute to a wonderful bowl of soup curry. Soup Curry King without a doubt has the biggest juiciest pieces of meat out of all the restaurants listed in this blog post.
Susukino branch:
Address: South 2, West 3 Kataoka building
Telephone: 011-213-1230
Lunch: 11:30 - 15:00
Dinner: 17:30 - 21:30
Samurai Soup Curry
Samurai Soup Curry is another great place to eat. It has four branches around Sapporo city. Apart from the regular menu there is a great special menu called the ‘Samurai Matsuri’. You can pick and choose 3 different toppings which they add to the standard vegetables already on the dish. So if you are not sure whether you want to eat chicken or shrimp you can try both! I recommend choosing Hokkaido deep fried chicken (Zangi), but make sure you have enough room because the two pieces you receive are rather large!
Susukino branch:
Address: South 3, West 6 Tiara 36 building 2F
Telephone: 011-272-3671
Lunch: 11:00 - 16:00
Dinner: 17:00 - 23:00
If you ever come to Sapporo please don’t miss out on a delicious bowl of soup curry! Although it taste best in the winter it still tastes great all year long!