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July, the month of Hokkaido’s Star Festival, ‘Tanabata’
Hello everybody.
The day of this year’s Star Festival is drawing closer and closer.
If you said the above to an ordinary Japanese person from Honshu they would say something along the lines of ‘no it’s not! We only just celebrated the other day’. Unlike the rest of Japan, the star festival in Hokkaido is not held on the 7th July but actually on the 7th August. The reason being is that according to the formerly used lunar calendar, the 7th month of the year coincides more closely with August rather than July. It is interesting to note however that the celebrations are held in July in Hakodate and eastern parts of Hokkaido.
Now then, because we would like everyone to enjoy the spirit of the Star Festival, here at Tmark City Hotel Sapporo, between the 1st and 8th August we will be decorating a small part of the lobby. Please write a wish on a piece of paper and hang it on the bamboo tree we will prepare. Hopefully your wish will come true!