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Hello everyone!
Finally summer has come to Hokkaido and although it may be short, everyone here plans to make the most of it! Along with the early summer, the annual Yosakoi Festival will also be coming to Hokkaido in June. This year’s festival will mark its 28th anniversary and will gather around 30,000 dancers from prefectures all over Japan. There is usually a total viewing audience of about 200 million!
While there are dances that take place up and down the streets of Sapporo, the main venue is in Odori Park where dances are performed on a giant stage. They also have giant T.V screens set up so you can’t miss the action. Visitors may also join in the fun and try dancing at Waodori Square where there are also plenty of stalls selling various delicacies from around the country. Besides the energetic performances, vibrant colorful costumes as well as splendid make-up are also a large part of the festival’s attractions.
You can reach the centre of the action (Odori Park) from our hotel by walking north for twenty minutes. The schedule for the festival is as follows:
5th June to 7th June 17:30~21:30
8th June 9:00~21:30
9th June 9:00~22:00
For more information you can visit the official site of the festival at